Comment 10 for bug 976817

Dražen Lučanin (kermit666) wrote :


I tried your patch and I can confirm that it works. I can now run an application directly in a Python interpreter:

$ python bin/project_name

A step towards more IDE-freedom :) Over the next couple of days I'll see how it plays with PyDev and see if I can make some new branch with better integration. What is the desired workflow - branching trunk on lp:quickly or branching lp:ubuntu/quickly?


P.S. - do you know why I had to manually input the path to the file that is to be patched? I was inside the quickly project directory (with the README, bin/, data/ ... folders), issued:

$ wget
$ patch -p1 < 976817-schemas.patch

and it always asked me to manually enter the file to patch, saying "can't find file to patch at input line 4". After I enter the same path that is stated in the patch it works.