Comment 12 for bug 1847793

Claus Paetow (c-paetow) wrote :

Sorry for the delay,I was busy doing my job the last two weeks.

I use XFS V5 on both main host (5.3.7-arch1-2-ARCH) and backup host (5.3.5-arch1-1-ARCH).

It seems I ran in the first bug that has been fixed upstream.
With git master (git clone at 18.10.) I could not reproduce the failure on my backup host.
I installed an RedHat 7.6 VM as always and the VM works without any errors. The only thing I noticed was, the first boot after installation lasts longer as with qemu 4.0.0.

After this I checked the archlinux repositories an found in AUR the qemu-git package. I removed the official qemu packages from my main host and installed this (qemu-git 8:v4.1.0.r1699.gf9bec78137-1).
The behavior is the same as on the backup host, the VM installation works without any errors as well as additional tasks (i. e. complete the basic installation to an full desktop installation).
The last days I used the main hosts with this package for my daily work. At the end of the day I checked the filesystems from the used existing, or new created VMs and didn't found any errors.

May be for archlinux user who needs the 4.1.0 qemu version the qemu-git package from AUR is a possible workaround.