Comment 1 for bug 485804

Ian Clatworthy пишет:
> Public bug reported:
> It would be better to display the help for a command in a tab and put
> the Status of running the command in another tab (a bit like qcommit).

Sorry Ian, but I disagree.

The controls of qrun dialog is small enough, so putting them alone in the tab is strange.

I've not used tabs in qrun because this is intended:

1) Help text needed right there so user can see usage information on the command (arguments and
options of command and can easily construct required command-line. If we put Help to another tab
then user will be forced to constantly jump back nd forth while creating complex command-line for
the command she rarely using. I know this use case.

2) Putting output to the tab? Let's examine following use case: user constructed complex
command-line but forgot or misspell some option. Command will fail in this case. User see the error
and ready to adjust command-line easily. So there is benefits to have it on the same page.

On the other hand if the command produce very long output then it will be handy to have status
window as tall as possible.

On the other hand user can easily increase the size of the window and the size of help and status
sections with mouse.


* put help in the tab -> NO
* put status in the tab -> MAYBE