Comment 3 for bug 639830

Christophe Dumez (hydr0g3n) wrote :

@Patrick O'Callaghan: Most people don't actually need to use regex, but they merely input the TV show's name. Regex is a power user feature. Would it really be useful if qBittorrent detects season and episode numbers? I would argue that most users, just provide a RSS feed, input the TV show's name and expects qBittorrent to download all new episodes. There are usually no old episodes in those feeds, nor any duplicates. The only duplicates there may be are for different qualities (720p vs regular). Parsing qualities would actually be a nice thing.

Am I missing some use case?
What could I do (concretely) to improve our current RSS downloader? and importantly, why would that help? (i.e. what is the use case?).

You said that the RSS downloader is not really user friendly and that it is easy to make mistakes. Could you please point out what's most ambiguous/misleading? I spent quite some time designing the new RSS downloader UI but then again, I'm not a regular user and it is difficult for me to understand what's wrong with it.

Also note that I want to keep the RSS downloader more generic, meaning that it should be usable more anything, not just TV shows. Of course, I could add some TV show-specific features that get enabled only if the user explicitly states he is looking for TV shows. This would be fine by me.

I hope we can work together to improve the UI. I had a quick look at TED's UI but it is very specific to TV shows. I also don't quite understand what is the point of specifying a particular episode number. Isn't the point of using RSS to download automatically ANY new episode corresponding to this show?