Comment 2 for bug 487129

Michal Kwiatkowski (ruby) wrote :

Thank you for pointing this one out! Bug #475504 is related, but it talks about test cases at the test method level, and I totally forgot about conflicts at the package/module level.

OK, so we have a package "my" with a module "cool_class" and a module "my_cool_class". Should their test land in the same test module? Maybe, their names are related. If not, how should they be named? And, the most important question, can pythoscope figure those things out reliably in all situations?

I'm thinking, maybe a bit of configuration would work as a solution to this problem? If there was a file where you could map application modules to test modules (like "my/cool_class => legacy_my_cool_class_test") that would allow pythoscope to use conventions by default and still allow a developer to override those when needed. What do you think, is that a good solution to this problem?