Comment 7 for bug 1481210

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit 6c74a145bc3f412b0f5ef1965b00c8542963ed26
Author: Kevin_Zheng <email address hidden>
Date: Tue Aug 4 19:54:57 2015 +0800

    Add project-id and user-id when list server-groups

    Currently, command "nova server-group-list" and
    "nova server-group-get" doesn't return groups'
    project id and user id information. It is really
    hard to identify which group belong to which
    project/user when admin user use this command
    with option "--all-projects".

    This patch add project-id and user-id to the list.
    All os-server-groups APIs will contain the above
    mentioned data in the response data.

    DocImpact: This adds API microversion
    APIImpact: Project id information will be returned for
    os-servers-group API

    Change-Id: I0405ed6271c33981578841cfade220758615b1fd
    Implements: blueprint add-project-id-and-user-id
    Partial-bug: #1481210
    Depends-On: I167141676ef4f597a1c022c1fd5dc96fd55d02ad