Comment 1 for bug 980533

Am 13.04.2012 08:32, schrieb Glenn Linderman:
> Public bug reported:
> Several times today I have had to kill my emacs and start over, because
> it hung, and the task manager showed it was consuming the whole core it
> was running in.
> After some number of times, I think I can characterize the problem...
> open (probably would happen with the that I sent you, maybe with many other files)
> (for me, this produces the error of the other bug, but I can still edit successfully).
> Open a new window M-x 5 2
> Open another .py file in that window
> look around, maybe edit/save, maybe not. Maybe select and copy, maybe
> not.
> Click with the mouse on the original window.
> Kersplat! It hangs.
> Speculations:
> Because of the error, something isn't quite right when returning to the
> file
> Because of multiple files, the context of one file is being applied to
> the other, and confusing things when switching windows.
> Of course, it could be something completely different. I have no clue
> how to discover more detail to report.
> emacs 24, Windows 7 64-bit Pro.


in some cases --seen at the indexing problem-- py-down-def-or-class is slow.

That affects your example file to from some position within.

So your Emacs might not hang infinitely - nonetheless that's a bug too.

Beside you could try debugging options and report a possibly result.

M-x customize-variable RET debug-on-error RET

to t

That will show a backtrace.

If that's not convenient, please try with

M-x customize-variable RET debug-on-quit RET