Comment 1 for bug 1579309

On 07.05.2016 08:30, <email address hidden> wrote:
> Public bug reported:
> When using python3 as either the py-shell-name or as shebang (#! /usr/env python3) after pressing C-c C-c the python shell window pops up on top of my python file instead of below, which happens if I user "python" for the py-shell name (or shebang). This is annoying and re-aranging the buffers does not help, since the next C-c C-c messes it up again.
> Interestingly it also happens if I set python2 in py-shell-nam (or shebang). So it seems it has to do with the number at the end. Same behavior if I replace python -> python. Number at the end messes things up.
> This happened on a mac with OS X 10.11.4 in either aquamacs (emacs 24.4.25) or on emacs proper version 24.4.
> Thanks for you help
> Volker
> ** Affects: python-mode
> Importance: Undecided
> Status: New

Can't reproduce with current trunk - see attachment. Might try some
recipes though when given.