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Andreas Roehler (a-roehler) wrote : Re: [Bug 1375122] Re: py-indent-line behavior from 6.1.1

On 29.09.2014 23:02, Jonathan C. Dodd wrote:
> Unfortunately, C-j is only possible from the previous line, and I tend
> to jump around the code quite a bit. When I come back wanting to e. g.
> insert a new line into a matrix, I have to either go to the line before
> the one I have inserted and press C-j from there, or press TAB
> repeatedly and align the remainder with spaces. This is completely
> unintuitive and inconsistent relative to other modes (c++-mode, js-mode,
> emacs-lisp-mode etc etc, which all move cursor to rightmost sane
> indentation when pressing TAB).

Seeing you point. However, the way it behaves now is the default for years.

May change the behaviour so jumps to outmost with first TAB, stepping
backwards afterwards.

Or have another boolean and customization?
Barry, WDYT?

Will cc it to python-mode mailing-list.