Comment 6 for bug 1504058

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: stable/liberty

commit 57709f7538391c91c072e3eadbc4c6861ee79a30
Author: Flavio Percoco <email address hidden>
Date: Thu Oct 8 19:47:37 2015 +0900

    Use the subcomand parsed args instead of the base

    Pass the subcomand's arguments instead of the base ones to the endpoint
    creation call when quering the `/versions` endpoint. Passing the wrong
    arguments will end in the auth_requirement not being identified and an
    error 'Expected Endpoint' will be raised as no endpoint will be gotten
    from keystone.

    This patch also removes an unnecessary mock in the test code related to
    this fix.

    Closes-bug: #1504058
    Change-Id: I46088130b9175798e3719e43f48dc474fbc8a251
    (cherry picked from commit 36937bbf6300a468f0eb1da5461c2edeb8d47a44)