Comment 50 for bug 238658

Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn (zooko) wrote :

A-ha! I cleverly notice that the stack trace that I pasted clearly shows that it is trying to import pyopenssl from C:\Python25, not the one from ./pyOpenSSL-0.8-py25-win32.egg

Ooh, I figured something out. If I add zip_safe=False to setup(), then I get an .egg which still doesn't work when I do "PYTHONPATH=that.egg python -c 'import OpenSSL'", but *does* work if I do "easy_install that.egg".
Something about the zipping of the egg is breaking the import of the rand.pyd and the other .pyd files.

Now proceeding to deploy my home-grown pyopenssl binary egg with zip_safe=False...

Further improvements to this process and a way for it to be zip_safe would be most welcome...