Comment 38 for bug 238658

Jean-Paul Calderone (exarkun) wrote :

Something which hasn't quite been implicit up to this point but which hasn't really been directly stated and which is really critical: there are two things actually being requested here. The first is that pyOpenSSL's distutils junk be changed so that it can build eggs. The second is that such an egg be uploaded to PyPI. One of these will be resolved by a commit to the repository and a subsequent release, the other will only be resolved when someone runs an `uploadĀ“ command of some sort.

I think that you (zooko) are more interested in the latter than in the former, except inasmuch as the former facilitates the latter. It occurs to me that your immediate difficulties can be resolved without committing anything to the repository though. If someone locally patches pyOpenSSL 0.8's so that it can build binary eggs and then runs the upload command, your issue will be resolved (one thing I'm not sure about is whether a subsequent 0.9 release without a binary egg being uploaded would ruin your day or not). Is this accurate? If so, I'm happy for that to happen ASAP so that your life gets easier before I have time to resolve this in a way that I'm confident in committing to trunk.