Comment 35 for bug 238658

Chris Galvan (cgalvan) wrote :

Sorry for the late reply, I was at school all day today :)

As Zooko already pointed out, the patch would include the OpenSSL DLLs inside the .egg file. On Windows, the Python extensions which are linked against these DLL's dynamically find the necessary DLLs by looking for them either:

1. In the same directory as the extension.
2. In one of the folders on the user's system PATH.
3. I believe that also Python extensions can find DLL's under <python root>/DLLs.

In any case, our proposed patch takes advantage of the (1) method of finding these DLLs. This would allow Windows users to not have to install OpenSSL on their system, since the DLL's would be dynamically found from inside the egg itself. Also, this would not interfere with any existing OpenSSL installation on the users' system because the directory inside the egg which these DLL's would be is not added to your system PATH, so the only thing that will know about these DLLs is the pyOpenSSL extensions.

Hopefully this cleared up some of your questions, is there anything else I can help to clear up?