Comment 28 for bug 238658

Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn (zooko) wrote :

Hello, I would like to let people who want to use allmydata-tahoe on Windows do so without having to manually install OpenSSL and pyOpenSSL themselves. It appears that Chris Galvan's patch would make this work for me. What can I do to accelerate the acceptance of this patch?

If you like, I will write a patch to pyOpenSSL's so that if someone passes "--prefix=$FOO" as an argument to "install" or "develop", it automatically does the "mkdir -p $FOO/lib/python$VER/site-packages" and the insertion of $FOO/lib/python$VER/site-packages into the sys.path. Or if you like I will make it so that when someone does "--prefix=$FOO" then it automatically does "--single-version-externally-managed" and "--record=log-of-installed-files.txt".

Or, I would be willing to help in some other way.