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Nekhelesh Ramananthan (nik90) wrote :

Regarding your comment #1,

> I want to be able to set the update frequency, currently no way to know how often it checks for new, or to do the check myself manually. Typical Ubuntu touch behavior seems to be to draw down the top bar to refresh or check for new manually.

The update frequency is manual. You can refresh it by pulling the top bar down to refresh or check manually. The only time when Podbird checks automatically is when opening the app. Even that is being changed with the upcoming update v0.7.

> Also, while I'm at it, if I have it set to hide listened episodes, I would like the ability to show only the podcast folders with new, unlistened material. The whats new section doesn't show all the new podcasts, only the stuff from the last few days.

Hmm This is actually doable and makes sense. Can you report a new bug to track this feature request please?