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Nekhelesh Ramananthan (nik90) wrote : Re: Need to be able to auto queue new episodes. Also, need to be able to have it play for a specified time, then stop (egad I'm listening as I fall asleep, but I want it to stop playing after 20 mins).

Hi RegPerrin. Thanks for taking the time to report this bug. Just one thing though, each bug report should track one particular bug/feature. Btw you can use this bug tracker to also submit feature requests. I see there are two issues pointed out by you,

1. Need to be able to auto-queue new episodes
2. Be able to stop playback after a certain playback time. (Tracked in bug 1420964)

Since issue #2 is already tracked else where, I am changing this bug report to track issue #1. Feel free to add a bit more description if you so wish.