Comment 23 for bug 602825

Hi all,
To make start, replace the body of method write in /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/wicd/ (at the end of the file) to pass:

    def write(self):

I've checked the files managed by ConfigManager in my box and all of them are empty,
so I think in my box there shouldn't be any problem with this workaround.
The files managed by ConfigManager are:

The problem now is that, after the daemon and the GUI starts, when I try to connect to any network wicd-gtk says "Disactivating active connections" or something like that and the loading bar freezes. It connects to the network anyways, but then I can't disconnect unless closing wicd-gtk. The last lines of the log file are:
2010/10/05 16:03:47 :: dhcpcd[2241]: forked to background, child pid 2267
2010/10/05 16:03:47 ::
2010/10/05 16:03:47 ::
2010/10/05 16:03:47 :: DHCP connection successful
2010/10/05 16:03:47 :: not verifying
2010/10/05 16:03:47 :: Connecting thread exiting.

wicd version: 1.7.0
Distro: ArchLinux

Hope it helps =)