Comment 3 for bug 1216332

Steven Johns (steven-johns1) wrote :

Hi Sebastian,

I also noticed that it wasn't complete, I guess I must have pasted it wrong or a character limit prevented me. However, the rest of the output is those same last couple of lines (fixme:thread:NtQueryInformationThread info class 16 not supported yet) repeated dozens of times.

I used about 4 different UA switchers on Firefox and 2 on Chrome. I can say with good certainty that my UA switcher was working otherwise Netflix would have barred me from reaching the point of even loading Silverlight.

The IP is the IP assigned to me by the VPN. I have also checked for DNS leaks. It's also worth mentioning that Netflix doesn't support my current location and wouldn't even allow me to sign in with the wrong IP, so I can also say with good certainty that the VPN is active.

Apparently some people experience the same problem when running their browser in Sandboxie, and that it's a DRM issue.