Comment 10 for bug 1216332

Sebastian Lackner (slackner) wrote :

Hi Suman,

>I can vouch for the UA Switcher [...], I would not even reach the Sliverlight part without those.

that is not completely correct, in case of some special wrong user agent strings Netflix loads the Silverlight application, but is unable to play. You should really choose one of the recommended user agent switchers and strings to ensure that it works.

>But the funny thing is the test mentioned on returns a negative:

this test isn't really that good because the attributes are checked on the temp directory (containing tmpfs) and not the real directory where they are needed. Try checking with this one:

xattr_test="$HOME/.wine-pipelight"; setfattr -n 'user.testAttr' -v 'attribute value' $xattr_test &> /dev/null; getfattr $xattr_test 2>&1 | grep -q user.testAttr && echo 'It works!' || echo 'No workie!'

If you're sure that it is neither the user agent switcher nor the file system xattr attributes - its also important to have xattr enabled during the wine-silverlight compile time and the attr header files installed, otherwise it is just silently skipped - in this case you'll have to reinstall wine-silverlight.

If it still does not work: wine uses some really annoying "automagic" to detect if xattr is enabled, which in some rare cases fails - we can give you some additional tricks on the IRC freenode channel #pipelight (for example with webchat: ) how to enforce it during the compile time.