Comment 8 for bug 592106

exzemat (exzemat) wrote :


Imagine a new concept of button
- The cross : the cross must be change when the consequence of close is different.
The red cross : the red cross is to close application
The grey cross : the grey cross is to close window
       An example: gimp
Gimp have one important window : when you close it, the application is close => red cross
The other window in gimp are “tools window” : we can close the window, perhaps the application always run => grey cross

- The dot : this is a new button
When application can run in systray, a new button appear: a dot
        An example: empathy
Red cross to close empathy
Dot to minimize in systray

In my mind we don't need specified explicit "quit" menu (this can be confused), we just need an explicit and specified button to minimize in systray and an "close" button which can change when the consequence of "close" change (close window or close application)