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Florent (florent.x) wrote :

Same here:

user@jaunty$ dpkg-query -W pidgin libxml2
libxml2 2.6.32.dfsg-5ubuntu4
pidgin 1:2.5.5-1ubuntu7

I tracked down the problem. It happens when the jabber plugin reads the custom buddy icon from the local cache "~/.purple/icons/".

user@jaunty$ grep 'protocol\|buddy_icon' ~/.purple/accounts.xml
   <setting name='buddy_icon' type='string'>c0fe6764000aa9099bb6a1cf961a92f07ce397fc.png</setting>
   <setting name='buddy_icon_timestamp' type='int'>1224082285</setting>

If I delete the buddy icon, it starts correctly.

user@jaunty$ rm -f ~/.purple/icons/c0fe6764000aa9099bb6a1cf961a92f07ce397fc.png