Comment 15 for bug 585169

The branch linked (lp:~osomon/phatch/pyexiv2-0.3) is now ready to be tested.

The code base has been adapted to pyexiv2’s new API (≥ 0.2) and as an exception uses in one place a syntactic improvement only available in pyexiv2 0.3 (this can easily be adapted to work with 0.2 too).

On top of that, I fixed the edition of IPTC tags that have multiple values in the image inspector (this is not specific to a given version of pyexiv2, it is currently broken in the trunk).

Please note that because of bug #703624, most of the metadata manipulation actions won’t actually work. A patch is attached to this bug report which you will need to apply if you intend to test such actions.

Testing and feedback is welcome!