Comment 2 for bug 487435

Juho Vepsäläinen (bebraw) wrote :

I ran the action list (with modifs to image/font paths) against the trunk version of Phatch (rev. 1542) on Ubuntu (9.10) and Win7 (64 bit) and could not reproduce the issue.

Alex, Could you please try the same on your system?
Here are some quickie instructions:
1. Get the trunk using "bzr branch lp:phatch". This creates a new directory, "phatch", that contains the code.
2. Go to phatch/phatch. You should see "" there.
3. Run Phatch ("python").
4. Run your action list and let me know of the results. Perhaps the issue has been fixed already or it occurs on some certain case (ie. combination of image file formats. It could be that watermark opacity fails against certain input image format for instance. Considering this try running the action list against input images having different file format.)

Perhaps some other developer could test the action list as well?