Comment 5 for bug 1505184

Krunal Bauskar (krunal-bauskar) wrote :

Preference used by mysql client is following

1. Command line --password
2. cnf file

When client is invoked through PXC (indirectly from innobackupex - Percona Xtrabackup) password is in form of MYSQL_PWD that will have lower priority than password set explicitly in cnf file.


Even though this password is not something that user want to use for sst operation.

For sst user has specified wsrep_sst_auth and passwd from this field is set in MYSQL_PWD which is kind of ignored due to preference order.


To keep the semantics clear:

1. When client connection is open for SST it has to use user-name passwd provided in wsrep_sst_auth
2. To make use of it and over-write any other preference this user-name and password should be passed through command line.
3. client may specify different user/paswd in client section of cnf file for normal/other operations.