Comment 6 for bug 1078346

pservit (pservit) wrote :

>> Percona-XtraDB-Cluster-server-5.5.28-23.7.369.rhel6.x86_64

> What is galera version there?

wsrep_provider_version | 2.2(r137)

But it seems like bug in percona cluster, not galera because after downgrade to 5.5.24-23.6 with same galera version I can start server.

> What is wsrep_slave_threads value?

wsrep_slave_threads | 64

> The problem happens when processing a delete for a table with foreign key constraint (probably cascading).
> Can you pinpoint which table(s) might be accessed during this delete? Can you show the table definition for the table(s)?

Sorry, not clues in log files. It's very busy server, around 90G of data and 10k requests per second.

> Do you have a 'core' file in your mysql data directory, related to this crash? That would help in troubleshooting this crash.

No. I set ulimit -c unlimited but core file not generated.