Comment 5 for bug 1905965

Satish Patel (satish-txt) wrote :

When i am trying to add following value in /etc/senlin/senlin.conf

transport_url = rabbit://senlin:94d7aecb853145779db8f1dcb@

ssl = True
direct_mandatory_flag = False

I am getting error in logs

Dec 22 14:43:26 os-lab-infra-1-senlin-container-16f24bbe senlin-conductor[8591]: 2020-12-22 14:43:25.999 8591 ERROR oslo_service.service [-] Error starting t
hread.: oslo_config.cfg.ConfigFileValueError: Value for option direct_mandatory_flag from LocationInfo(location=<Locations.user: (4, True)>, detail='/etc/senlin/senlin.conf') is not
 valid: invalid literal for int() with base 10: 'False'