Comment 3 for bug 1905965

Herve Beraud (herveberaud) wrote :

Thanks John for your feedback.

You're right I was misled by the terminology.

I agree with Ken, the mandatory flag is a good feature but the communication around that wasn't enough for our users.

I think that we should provide some examples on how to handle this kind of failure on the user side (service etc...), it could be fixed by providing some doc patches.

Do you've any idea of scenarios that we should provide on our examples?

Concerning nova I don't think that we broke something (by adding the mandatory flag). if I correctly understand John's analyze the issue could come from a connection issue or from an internal server issue, so even without the flag nova would face more or less the same issue.

So on one side I think we should improve our doc and our communication about this feature, and on the other side, I think we should provide some workaround to execute in the case if we face a similar scenario in the future. Apparently this kind of issue is hard to reproduce so it could be worth to provide a reusable workaround publicly referenced somewhere (in our doc, downstream?).

@John do you have some idea of workarounds to restore similar situation?