Comment 2 for bug 1380675

Submitter: Jenkins
Branch: master

commit 6ac6225e72bde92f66da8e92c563c140471b949b
Author: Vipin Balachandran <email address hidden>
Date: Mon Oct 13 19:34:36 2014 +0530

    VMware: Fix initialization of datastore selector

    The WSDL URL of storage policy service is determined and a session is
    created using it in do_setup(). This session is later used to initialize
    the datastore selector property (ds_sel), which uses the session for all
    storage policy related API calls.

    After commit a8fa3ceb1e72bac2ab67f569a2ca009f995f59fd (Integrate
    OSprofiler and Cinder), the properties defined in vmdk module are called
    before do_setup(). As a result, the ds_sel (datastore selector) property
    is initialized with a session instance containing a 'None' PBM (storage
    policy service) WSDL URL. This results in failures of all storage policy
    related APIs invoked using datastore selector. This patch fixes the
    problem by re-initializing the property in do_setup().

    Change-Id: Ibdf8b23f9e215000cf9053b81d374066fabd6851
    Closes-Bug: #1380675