Comment 10 for bug 1268031

Stefano Maffulli (smaffulli) wrote :

I prefer not to use open text field because that will lead to garbage entries and hard to use data.

Let's clarify that the scope for this modification is to enable the Foundation to track progress in fostering gender diversity among members. We need to track gender information in the most effective way, limiting the possibility to alienate anybody. That's why I think the field should be mandatory. Anita raises a good point though: maybe a reassuring text explanation on the form saying that selection 'prefer not to say' is totally fine and we love to get that, too?

I don't know about the preferred pronouns: would that make translations more complicated?

"Non-binary" sounds too geeky to me. While 'other' may sound offensive/weird (I'm not a native speaker), probably we can use another term for the 'specify'. How about something like "None of the above" or "Let me tell you"/"Let me specify it"? I like the "Let me tell you" because I feel like it empowers the member to own their own gender definition.

My current proposal is a mandatory field specified like this:

      I identify my gender as:
        [ ] Female
        [ ] Male
        [ ] Let me specify -> opens an entry form
        [ ] Prefer not to say
     It's perfectly acceptable if you choose not to tell us: we appreciate you becoming a member of OpenStack Foundation. The information will remain private and only used to monitor our effort to improve gender diversity in our community.

Do we have consensus on this?