Comment 6 for bug 1519494

Yes, of course I can set up something else.

In the meantime, here's some food for thought.

Various solutions mentioned:

* Verisign is taking more than 10 seconds to return a response to us, so it is timing out. This is the first time I've ever seen a provider consistently take that long. It's a new phenomenon, even for them... I can duplicate this using our test verisign openid and

* ... and again in 2012, and maybe a few more times. In each case, it seems that other StackExchange users were affected, and often, that Symantec user support needed to be involved. Here's their contact info, from Verisign help document [PDF], unchanged since 2010: For more information about VeriSign Identity Protection, please call 650-426-5310 or email: <email address hidden>.

* The problem was related to our internal DNS servers inside the network. Windows 2008 R2 has a penchant for sending EDNS probes, and some firewalls/servers don't like transmitting/processing them. I've disabled EDNS Probes from the dns servers and tested with my own verisign PIP, and it now works.