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Submitter: Zuul
Branch: master

commit 9dbdf71de04425473143bdf36412c5278830e993
Author: Florian Haas <email address hidden>
Date: Tue Oct 30 11:37:42 2018 +0100

    Include Swift AUTH_%(tenant_id)s suffix in rgw Keystone endpoint

    In order to make rgw a better drop-in replacement for Swift, this
    patch does two things:

    * Configure rgw to include the Swift account in its URL
    * Update the Keystone catalog entry so that the rgw endpoints
      include the AUTH_%(tenant_id)s suffix (just like the os_swift
      role does)

    Both of the above are necessary to make both public read ACLs
    and temp URLs work with rgw, the way they do with native Swift.

    In addition, the patch also:

    * Removes the rgw_s3_auth_use_keystone config override, which
      is useless in the default configuration that does not enable
      the S3 API.
    * Enables rgw_keystone_implicit_tenants to properly enable Swift
      multi-tenancy in rgw. Reference:
    * Enables rgw_swift_versioning_enabled to support Swift's object
      versioning feature (and the default for the os_swift role's
      swift_allow_versions variable). A limitation applies here,
      which is that radosgw currently does support setting the
      X-Versions-Location header on a container, but does not
      understand X-History-Location.
    * Adds documentation to the users guide, about using rgw as a
      Swift replacement.
    * Adds a release note detailing possible upgrade issues,
      and the object versioning limitation.

    Closes-Bug: #1800637

    Change-Id: Iacd8f32f100f283ff590e063854d06b2c7c98cc2