Comment 6 for bug 729359

James Marc (jasmerik) wrote :

I really like the graphical user interface for editing video, however exporting the project to a DVD format is killing my system resources on my laptop. I would love to be able to leave the heavy lifting on the export to my main desktop and be able to automate the exporting of multiple projects sequentially without my involvement (i.e. I've got twenty or thirty 4 hour projects that I'd like to be able to let run while I'm at the office or sleeping without having to start a new export only when I'm at the house). Also, I haven't been able to get the openshot-render working. I'm having the same problem as moimael above, but I couldn't figure out how to implement his patch to get mine working. (I tried pasting the text into the file but I'm still getting errors).

Any help on either getting openshot-render working, or some good tips on how to use something else to automate this process at the command line would be greatly appreciated.

Mr. Thomas - Bravo on a great product by the way! I had never done any video editing two weeks ago and now I'm breezing through it. Openshot has been excellent.