Comment 5 for bug 729359

bwashed (kjartan-hoie) wrote :

A wiki/manual page with 'Tips and trick on how to automate Openshot rendering' might be just as good use of resources in my opinion. If MLT "melt" does the job, then fixing/maintaining openshot-render feels a bit like duplicated effort. Also the effort put into documenting how to use the melt tool from a openshot perspective might strengthen the Openshot-MLT connection and also help the MLT project by itself.

The background for this particular bug-report was a a research project, where for each of 50 participants we had 2x5 one-minute video clips that needed to be stitched together side by side into one 5 minute clips. We got around the bug by letting the script (for each participant) set up a symbolic link for the video folder it started Openshot with a predefined project. It was a bit clunky since I then had to manually start the rendering in the Openshot UI and come back later to close openshot for the script to continue, but it wasn't worth putting more effort into automating it. (Actually, we needed one-minute side-by side clips in stead of five minute ones, but doing that directly in openshot with our procedure would mean opening up and closing Openshot 5x50 times.. The script used ffmpeg to cut the five-minute clips into one-minute clips afterwards).

As for our research project, we won't change our procedure now even if openshot-render gets fixed. Just using Openshot directly as described above works just fine.