Comment 25 for bug 729359

dsmurl (z3334) wrote :

I finally got around to testing the patch and it works with my version 1.4.3. Now I get the hanging error and I can't figure out how to apply that patch. :/

So, just to discribe my situation. I have about 20 projects that I'm working on and I'll have more in the future. I need to render each one into two formats. One for youtube and one for DVD. Is there a way to set up a script that will render it to one format and then render it to the other format and then go to the next video? I think the way that it's rendering now, it just renders to file into the default profile that was selected when the project was created. Is there a openshot-render option to render the project in a specific profile?

Also, the hang bug is getting me good on this. I can't find any dates for 1.5.0 which may have some of these fixes.

Is there a melt solution to my workflow?

Thanks for your help. I'm throwing you guys a thanks in the end of each of my videos by the way to throw some users in your direction.

- Sam