Comment 21 for bug 729359

Gregory Weber (spottedmetal) wrote :

Marcin Owsiany wrote:

"Well, it does with the patch! Though most users probably don't know about it..."

I was aware, but was reluctant to apply the patch for a few reasons:

1. My md5sum for does not match the one originally advertised. However, I see now that it does match the in comment #15, so the patch in #17 should be good.

2. I don't recall clearly whether it is necessary to "compile" the patched to clip.pyc, or how to do it.

3. Concerned that I will have to apply the patch again when I get the next several upgraded versions of OpenShot. Some form of patch has been around since 2011-04-25, but instead of getting applied to the source "upstream" from where I stand, the milestone keeps creeping higher and higher.

I may have to try the patch anyway, since my latest effort using melt to render changed the video resolution from 1120x736 to 720x567, changed the frame rate from 15 fps to 25 fps, changed the duration from 16 minutes to 9 minutes (proportional to the frame rate change, I think, and cutting off the last 7 minutes).