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Olivier Girard (eolinwen) wrote : Re: Feature request: a Transcode Filter for stabilize a jiggled video

Hi Andy,

Right analyse and Good idea to try implement as soon as a freiOr-filters or a MLT filter. It will be the ideal.
Your ask at Jonathan on another mail (about the freiOr-plugins/mlt filters), is very appropriate for this.
But, if we can not realize this wonderful idea (for technical reasons), i'm thinking that we have another solution, more easy for us : Put it in the tool conversion (ask survey n 2).
This tool works in two steps, in fact. The first step (and the first line too) analyses the film and create the information for the second step. Nothing is done on the film really.
The second step is the step where the modifications are applied, clearly.
After, the question (if we take this solution) is how realize this tool i.e. a simple tool conversion with some presets that we can not modified but create own like .....Kdenlive or a right tool conversion. In fact, it depends what people are waiting. Hum I'm not sure that the solution. To my mind, the first solution will be the most appropriated. After, we don't know where we go and it is not the purpose of this project (i.e. develop a right conversion tool).
In all cases, it will bring us a power filter that none other software in the video edition have.