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Olivier Girard (eolinwen) wrote :

No for several reasons.
- K3b is a burner software
- k3b is a old software ( i want to say by this that the currently version is working on kde 3.5)
- k3b is a software who need to have kde for working, it is a bit funny for a program who is done/working for Gnome and all the GTK environment same if he is working too on KDE but without additional programs (like Gnome in ....KDE)
- we are in the frontier between an real authoring software (like 2mandvd, Bombono,....) and a tool for realize a DVD play in a home player. The frontier is difficult to surround.
This work is in progress. I'm perhaps got to much far away. I will re-watch my copy and do more simple but at the end it will be an interesting solution. At this moment, i'm busy but the holidays will come soon so we will see at the end of August.