Comment 8 for bug 660049

On Thursday 23 December 2010, you wrote:
> I'm attaching a test module to test this issue.
> This module replaces the "Make packing" button in the out_picking_form.
> So, to test it, you need to have some out products (for example by
> creating a sale order), then press the "Make Shipping" button (I named
> it differently to be sure that the button had been replaced).
> Once you press it, you get a one2many field that you can edit, with the
> same lines as the out_delivery. But when you press "Ok", only the lines
> you edited are sent back.
> Some stuff is printed in the server console to show this.
> ** Attachment added: "Example module to experiment the undesired
> functionality."
> 30/+files/test_packing.tar.gz

Allow me to make a note on this bug:
a couple of weeks ago, I have written a patch against orm_memory, which puts
more restrictions on the way these models work, including not-null validations
etc. (commit 85816908a45a13d)
In order to verify the operation of orm_memory, some example models and tests
are located in the 'test_orm' module of extra-addons. (commit 69307065e77e and

A change in orm_memory, at this stage, may trigger unwanted side-effects that
may affect our release schedule. It could bring up some extra bugs, too, that
would break the functionality of some wizards. We don't want that. ( so far,
indeed, some wizards have shown bad behaviour after the orm_memory change and

Please accept the fact that the "trunk" branch is now in a freeze process for
stability. We should not make any framework changes onto that. On the other
hand, everybody is free to experiment with custom branches on those features
we seem to want/challenge on the "trunk" server.

We do have already a backlog of bugs/features queued for v6.1 or even v6.0.1
(depending on their significance) and you are welcome to be a part of the
development process.

This "bug" will surely be in the list of things to consider for next ORM.