Comment 7 for bug 660049


I agree that this is a problem.

We were targeting it to trunk as you mentioned version 5.2(which was supposed to be trunk).

As you sent the module,things have been clear now that you are talking about stable and that is 5.0.15 now(not at all 5.2).

Our R&D Teams are focused on the latest OpenERP version, and this issue does not affect it.

Our policy is to keep the changes applied on stable branches to a minimum, in order to limit the regression risks for customers that are in production. This means that bugs reported on Launchpad are fixed in the trunk branch only by default, even if they were reported against other stable versions.

We stand of course ready to backport the change to stable releases if it has an impact on any customer. In this case please report it to our maintenance team via the OpenERP Publisher's Warranty. They will quickly help solve the issue and backport the fix if needed.

Thank you for your understanding!