Comment 13 for bug 941428

Jeroen Brandligt (jbrandligt) wrote :

Hi Mykola,

Thanks for this patch, just what i was looking for! I have two issues with it though:

- I use the email template for sending invoices. In the email template it shows the translated (in Dutch) body text. When I open the message form (after selecting invoice and clicking send button) it still shows the translated body as expected, but in the actual mail being send the original English body text is used.

- Second issue is that when i manualy change the recipient address in the message form, it is not changed in the mail being send. It still uses the address which is configured in the mail template.

I copied both the base and email_template paches and restarted the openerp-server from init.d.

btw i don't have traceback issue as reported in #10, and the attachments work fine when i change the report name also.