Comment 0 for bug 537281

In latest stable there are cases where OpenOffice will somehow cause the file in the DMS to be truncated to 0 bytes.

How to reproduce:
 - have a database with document module installed
 - connect through FTP and push a test .odt file from OpenOffice (I used OOo 3.0)
 - the file is uploaded and file size is correct
 - using FTP integration in you Operating System, connect to the FTP directly from you file explorer (e.g. nautilus in Ubuntu)
 - now double-click on the file in the FTP directory directly to edit it
 - it opens in OOo correctly and you can edit it
 - try to modify and save the file directly in OOo => the save fails with an error message about access rights but at the same time the file is truncated to 0 bytes in the DMS
 - now if you open another FTP client on another machine you will see the file is 0 bytes now

Watching the server log it seems that OOo tries to test/use the write access using APPE instead of STOR, and perhaps there is something wrong in our support of APPE (we replace file instead of append?)
OOo also creates its lock files etc. but that seems to work fine I think, so it should not be related.