Comment 8 for bug 1160365

Fabien (Open ERP) (fp-tinyerp) wrote :

If Mr. Dupont starts working for company B, you have to create a Mr. Dupont for Company B (instead of moving mr. dupont from company a to company b) like you would do for any subsidiary. So, you have Mr. Dupont working for company A (<email address hidden>, phone: companya+dupontsuffix, ...) that you can desactivate if you want and mr. dupont working for company B who are two different persons.

But, if you want to manage one persone working for several companies, you can install base_contact. It allows to manage data related to persons (Mr. Dupont) and not only to their role within their company. With the new base_contact module (7.0-base-contact-xal on runbot) you can handle it without problems. It will work perfectly: 1 person Mr. Dupont, 2 contacts (Mr. Dupont Company A & Mr. Dupont Company B)

> Wouldn't that be by kind of "overriding the read of res.partner" to read the value from
> the parent_id in case of a company contact as I described in A) ?

No, overwriting the create and write, so that all contacts have the right data in the DB.

When you write on the main company, it will write the same to data to all children contacts. That's what we already do for contacts that share the address with the company and it works fine in v7.