Comment 247 for bug 1160365

On 04/24/2013 01:37 PM, Michael Karrer wrote:
> I followed this discussion now for a long time but i still can not see
> how to manage a simple case like this:
> Company A (e.g. located in Germany)
> Company A Office (e.g. located in Austria)
> Contact A working in The Vienna Office

The data model supports it, but the user interface discourages it currently.
Right now you can obtain this result in the interface by temporarily setting
"Company A Office" as a company while adding "Contact A". The Contacts tab will
remain visible afterwards because it won't be empty.

This is clearly bad on a usability point of view, and this is what bug 1151947
is about (proper solution yet to be found).

PS: you can also have multiple companies in the same hierarchy in a similar
manner: be sure to set the parent company on the subsidiary company before
checking the "is_company" flag, and the parent company will remain visible
after checking the "is_company" flag.