Comment 240 for bug 1160365

All right,

So folks, in any case, I think OpenERP SA has a solution many people here
disagree with. But open source is fantastic, even if you do not agree on
everything, you can still work together on things we agree with, that is
the social and dynamic aspect of it.

So personally, I'm in favor of stopping the OpenERP bashing because no
matter the solution we choose it's still our flagship ERP.

So, as Fabien said, if we agree on many things but not on everything it
doesn't matter so much. And even if we disagree with that change, we thanks
OpenERP SA very much for all the great work they did for v7 like the
gorgeous web client and merging a dozen of our branches since we went to
Belgium last summer.

So everybody can choose between the 2 solutions, this is the great thing
about open source, and I'm pretty sure we will still find many synergies
between the two ways of fixing the issue. As for here we have our solution
and with some advanced bzr or git management we will be able to live with
it and live with it perfectly well even (else we would stick on 6.1, that's
not the case, we will be happily working on 7.0 with that patch).

So, may be we can end up the war about this issue. People who prefer
maintaining the partner_id semantic are welcome to help maintaining our
branch (we will give more clue in the next days where the branch will be
set and how it will work). People who prefer the new semantic and
denomalizing data instead are welcome in OpenERP SA's branch. And I'm sure
plenty of collaboration will happen between the two branches and the
web-client which isn't even impacted. I'm pretty sure only 5% of the
commits won't be automatically applicable because of this difference, just
like there is the OCB tracking branch, I'm sure this is something we can
perfectly handle with a little organization.

Thank you to all who gave their ideas so far and sorry if I have been a bit
rude about the issue. I really would have preferred we didn't have to start
a branch, but no that this is over, let's end that war and move this
forward, the way everybody thinks is better.