Comment 231 for bug 1160365


What are your criteria for a change between 2 versions to be so huge (in terms of migration effort for the community) that you will not do it ?

To me, with such change on every major release, OpenERP will never be stable and as the number of modules keeps growing, the migration effort for the community will be growing as well. We will arrive at some point where 8.0 will be released and not all interesting modules will be migrated to 7.0. What is your limit ? Migrating a module when you didn't make it yourself is painfull and time-consuming. Do you want to kill older contributing partners and community members ?

I think this is a side effect of your policy to bill for the migration. You have an interest to make that change so big that only your team can migrate a database. The community and customers don't share that interest. You have a development pace that the community and customers doesn't want to follow. Your company should take a deep breath, rely on the partners network to sell OpenERP Enterprise, take the time to move slowly but confidently and work in collaboration with the community members you want to work with. Going fast will lead you nowhere. Instead of investing time on lunch module (I guess it is there because you use it internally), you should focus on important features requested for years. If they asked for it, it means there would be companies switching to OpenERP. More companies use OpenERP, more companies will buy OpenERP Enterprise. We want to create the snowball effect. Today we start from scratch again.

This discussion is just the visible part of the iceberg, and this is not the underlying problem.