Comment 228 for bug 1160365


to make sure there is no misunderstanding, at comment #27 I made POC and that was a POC only. I was sad that this is what was tested in to prove use the contact_id was a wrong idea (despite being supported unanimously outside from OpenERP SA).

So now, we developed the contact_id solution assuming that couldn't e just a module and developed it to a point we consider would be a solution for production.
As I said we are now all green on the original test suite:
And in fact because we do no semantic permutation, we avoids many of regressions v7 do over v6.1 (at the top of this document).

Again I summed up why we think this solution is better than the current one OpenERP SA was proposing:

So make no mistake, the proposed solution that keep semantic aligned, make no data duplication and has 10x less code than the solution proposed by OpenERP SA till now is the following 200 lines of patch (only!):

So I ask everybody, including OpenERP SA to reconsider this way of fixing the problem and also suggesting improvements (something that is acknowledged is that we changed some 3 rml reports without changing their sxw source, very soon we will we will do it to ensure no discrepancies even for the ones using openreport conversion).

Regards and thanks for everybody who is helping moving this forward.