Comment 224 for bug 1160365

Hello Fabien,

Many thanks for you answer => I fully agree with you it is not a war and hope it will not be in the futur. BUT it is so important for us, OpenERP Partner, that we can not say YES to everything. We can understand you have some constraints, but you should also accept ours.

There is some features that are MANDATORY for OpenERP and these features are, for me, the minimum we can accept. Without these features, the fork should really be THE alternative.

Camptocamp will migrate from 6.0 to 7.0 in about 2 weeks and if I take the work YOUR team has done, show me that my documents (invoices, CRM, SO, PO, etc...) are completely wrong. In fact YOUR team didn't understood your idea that a partner on v7.0 is no more a company, but a contact..... with the migration YOUR team has made, the partner on my invoice is still the company........ and I do not have any more my contact.....

It is just an example to explain your that on ALL documents that was containing Partner and Contact on v6 HAS to have a partner AND a contact (the best would be to keep the old syntax.... but we can live with partner and commercial entity....).

For me, and for ALL OpenERP Partners, it is the minimum we should have.... not only on the invoice, but on ALL documents.

In fact, I think it was a very good indea to merge into 1 table : partner and contact. BUT the implementation into document is terrific => we still need to have a company and a contact.

Be sure I will not accept the migration without having a company and a contact on my documents...... ;-)


Luc Maurer @ Camptocamp