Comment 222 for bug 1160365

Hello folks

I think we have been deviating recently. The first 150 posts of this thread were all asking for the contact_id solution.
Now we have a contact_id solution that is 100% green on OpenERP SA's test suite that was thrown to prove it was buggy. And there is a detail: we do it in 10x less code, without semantic permutation and all its consequences and without data duplication. I mean what's the hell folks?

Videos have been posted to show that we are green, even with the social stuff while our solution aims at preserving the mission critical ERP semantic the code as always been expecting. These videos also show in term of usability for the user, this is exactly the same. There is no such v6.1 come back FUD. There 2 fields in the data model, just like OpenERP SA finally admitted after more than hundreds of posts. But ours are the good ones, that's the difference and it makes a huge difference.

I defended this solution here again in details, please take the time to read: