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Zacc D (zacc-drake) wrote :

This request is closely related to this:
Rather than add a comment to a bug tagged as Won't Fix, I chose to create a new request...
This is something that we do at our church all the time, and the current implementation is a pain to use when doning multiple songs at a time (eg, our whole song library)...
We have just recently moved from OpenSong, where a force split is made with a double pipe ||
When we imported our library into OpenLP, these all became OPTIONAL splits, not forced ones...

Would it be possible to add a "Force Split" button, like the "Optional Split" one, but it's function recreates the tag of the song section that the cursor is currently in (I am guessing that you already are detecting this to advance the number ticker?)
This would be the most intuitive way I can think of to implement this function.

Another, less great, option would be to add the option to disable the auto-advance ot the number ticker.
This would at least let us create multiple tags without having to change the ticker for each insert.