Comment 9 for bug 936310

marmuta (marmuta) wrote :

Jeff, thanks for the details.

I can confirm that In Chromium auto-show only works in the url-bar. Apparently linux accessibility is still work in progress:
There's also this open bug report for Orca:
Onboard's needs are just a small subset of Orca's, so once that bug is closed Onboard's auto-show should be supported as well.

The qt-frontend of VirtualBox does well with auto-show on ubuntu 12.10. I've tested 4.1.18 from quantal's repos, as well as version 4.2 from your link. Both show/hide Onboard for all the text entries I tried.
In theory all qt applications should be supported. The bridge to AT-SPI for the qt toolkit is qt-at-spi, which is installed by default on quantal. Could you check if it is there on precise?

Auto-show with virtualized applications is unlikely to happen, I agree. VirtualBox would need to act as a proxy for the guest's AT-SPI calls for this to work.

Dash on quantal seems to show Onboard sometimes, though not reliably and not for long. It seems there is progress, but the bug is still open: